1. Introduction

Woodingdean Bowls Club recognises its responsibilities under the Fire Safety Act 2021, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and accompanying legislation.

2. Organisation and Responsibilities

Responsibility for ensuring that the Club complies with Fire Safety and Health and Safety responsibilities is vested in the Club’s General Committee. The General Committee will maintain the Club in good order to ensure appropriate measures are in place to eliminate/mitigate risk and take all reasonable action to ensure the safety of its members and visitors.

3. The Club

The Bowls Club consists of the Clubhouse, including changing rooms, kitchen and bar areas, toilets and bar area. Part of the building is used by Brighton and Hove City Council operatives and the Council is responsible for these areas. There are two external storage sheds, one adjacent to the Clubhouse and one adjacent to the bowls green.

The construction of the Clubhouse is primarily of brick construction with part tiled and part flat roofing. The building is single storey with some roof space used for storage.

No Fire Alarm System is installed within the Clubhouse.

4. The Risk

The risk of Fire is from heat, electrical, flammable and combustible materials. It is recognised that all members and visitors are at risk.

5 Measures in Place to Mitigate Risk

Fire Equipment: 2 Water and 1 Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers and 1 Fire Blanket are positioned within the clubhouse and are annually inspected and serviced by qualified personnel.

Electricity: The electrical installation, all static and portable electrical equipment are subject to periodic inspection and testing. Records of testing should be maintained.

Emergency Lighting: Existing emergency lighting units should be regularly tested and records maintained.

Fire Doors: Existing fire doors should be maintained in good order and kept closed to reduce the risk of the spread of Fire.

Means of Escape: The fire exits should be clearly marked, kept clear of obstructions and maintained in good order. Fire escape routes and Assembly Points should be clearly indicated.

Smoking: Smoking or vaping is not permitted in the clubhouse. Smoking or vaping is only permitted in the designated smoking areas and disposal of used cigarettes in units provided.

Storage: All flammable materials should be kept in the external storage shed. No combustible materials are to be kept adjacent to the heaters.

Signage: All appropriate signage is in position and is clearly visible. Details of the Fire Precautions and Fire Exit Routes are available in the clubhouse.

6. Training

  1. All members and visitors must be advised of Fire Exit Routes.
  2. In the event of a Fire and in the absence of a fire alarm system, a VERBAL warning must be given. All members and visitors must be directed via the nearest Fire Exit or Exit to the Assembly Point. The emergency services must be contacted using 999. Details of the location and What 3 Words code are displayed adjacent to the Club telephone.
  3. Any fire should only be tackled using the portable firefighting equipment if they are confident on its use.
  4. No one should re-enter the Clubhouse in the event of a Fire.
  5. A responsible person should check the building regularly to ensure the Clubhouse is properly maintained and the risk of Fire minimalised.

7. Dissemination of Fire Safety Information

A copy of this Fire Safety Policy is displayed within the Club. Members are asked to familiarise themselves with the content and, if necessary, to draw the attention of Committee members to any areas of concern.