Stewards’ Duties

At the heart of Woodingdean Bowls Club are its many volunteers, including stewards. These stewards play a critical role in ensuring that the club runs smoothly and that everyone has a great time.

To aid your understanding of what it takes to be a steward at Woodingdean, we’ve put together a list of duties that we’d like you to perform.


  1. Arrive 1 hour before the game commences.
  2. Raise the Club Flag and open all shutters.
  3. Consult the Captain of the day regarding which rinks to set up, colour and direction of play.
  4. Turn off the electric fence and open up to give access to the green. Lay out the rinks with necessary equipment.
  5. Set out chairs, tables and sunblinds, as required, on the patio.
  6. Liaise with tea duty people regarding cold drinks at the side of the green in hot weather.
  7. On completion of the game, ensure that players have cleared the green and all equipment has been returned to the store. Close and lock the store shed door.
  8. Secure and activate the electric fence
  9. Put away available chairs and tables, stacked tidily in their correct places. Close sun blinds. Close and lock the store shed door.
    (It is appreciated that not everything on the patio can be cleared when members and visitors are still sitting outside.)
  10. Lower and store the Club flag
  11. Liaise with the bar staff and the Captain prior to leaving, to identify any outstanding tasks.